Sander Kesting:

“Before I played my guitar and sang some songs, but I never really put my heart into singing itself. Lotte is a very good teacher for technical singing, voice training and also in interpreting the words of a song. Her talent as a listener is really motivating in times of discouragement. She even coached me going onstage and gaining some stage experience which I found terrifying. But I did it with her support. I warmly recommend learning to sing with her!

Hi! I'm Lotte.

Everyone can learn how to sing. I'm on a mission to share my knowledge with singers from all over the globe. I want people to experience the effect that singing has on your general wellbeing. Singing makes you happy! (Science says so too.)

One of the best childhood memories I have is from our camping holidays. My dad would always bring his guitar. We would keep our ears open to hear if there were other instruments around. And before we knew it, we were jamming our way into the night.

And when everything became quiet around us, and I was lying in my tent, my dad would still be softly playing his guitar while I fell asleep. It was magical! I remember exactly how I felt: so peaceful and happy.

I love how music connects people in such a beautiful and unique way. And singing especially!

let's see what is within reach for you...

* you sing without negative thoughts about how you sound

* you feel joy and love how you sound when you sing

* you are not straining your voice and no longer struggle to sing high notes

* you can just relax and enjoy singing

* you can trust your vocal technique and let go of all unnecessary tension

* you always know what and how to practice singing at home

I've worked with thousands of singers (all styles, ages and all levels), and have researched and studied the main singing methods out there, all styles of contemporary singing. My teaching comes down to finding the 'handles' that work for YOU, as this is different for many singers.

The Lesson Plan

I'll take you through all the fundamentals of singing in the Lesson Plan, step by step. Just like in 'live' singing lessons, there is a mix of me explaining subjects and you trying it out and practicing it. These are the subjects of the 6 Modules:


  • How the voice produces sound (introduction)


Module 1: breathing

Module 2: crossing the voice bridge

Module 3: body awareness and releasing tension

Module 4: articulation

Module 5: intonation

Module 6: flexibility and agility

>> I want to know more about what I will learn in every Module

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