From straining to tension-free singing.

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  • your singing feels limited
  • you’re straining your voice and/or experiencing tension
  • you don’t sing freely, singing high notes feels constricted
  • you don’t like how you sound when you sing
  • you want your voice to flow more and for singing to feel easy

Singer Skills is an online voice training tool that will guide your singing practice. You'll get hours worth of singing lessons that you can stream anywhere, anytime. You can cancel anytime. And if you're not happy for whatever reason, you'll get a full refund. (No questions asked.)

What our customers are saying

“I practice three to four videos every single day. At the beginning I was not able to do all the exercises. I can see a huge difference and development in my voice now. And I feel more confident and dynamic when I sing!”

Joahn Dashi

“I’ve been an enthusiastic and motivated hobby choir singer, but with technique I never got better. Because of Singer Skills I’m learning a lot and in an accessible way. It’s astounding how much easier singing gets because of relaxation and breath support. I’m so happy with these video lessons by Lotte.”

Monica Meijer

After playing guitar in bands for half a century (I never dared to sing the lead) I finally learned how to REALLY sing. Lotte took me instantly to a new world, explaining and exercising precisely what I needed. I made huge progress quickly, both in my bands and solo. And I sing in a choir now! Highly recommend this.

Charles Janssen

“If you would have asked me three years ago if I would be able to sing as I do now I would not have believed you. Through singing I have also worked on building self confidence, living in the moment and focus.”

Karolijn van Ginneken

“Before I played my guitar and sang some songs, but I never really put my heart into singing itself. Lotte is a very good teacher for technical singing, voice training and also in interpreting the words of a song. Her talent as a listener is really motivating in times of discouragement. She even coached me going onstage and gaining some stage experience which I found terrifying. But I did it with her support. I warmly recommend learning to sing with her!”

Sander Kesting

“Singers Skills is a wonderful tool to study the voice. Lottes approach concretizes the vocal apparatus in a very comprehensible and accessible way. I love how she takes care of the mental health of the singer and focuses on the process of learning as such. Wonderful!”

Mariske Broeckmeyer

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